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Solving the Trillion-Dollar Global Logistics Paradox with Charles Griffith at CTOsAtWork.com

Welcome to today’s episode of CTOsAtWork podcast series in this podcast series, we talk to Chief Technology Officers, Engineering Head, Product and Technology leaders from all around the world and learn from them, how they work, how they build & managed world-class technology and products, how they hire great talent and lots of great things. This episode is hosted by Love Chopra.

Today, we have a very special guest with us, who has led and built the core foundation of Amazon’s worldwide transportation system, who has authored more than a dozen commercial products and has four patents, whose work has been featured on the Discovery Channel and in numerous magazines from PC Gamer to Computer and Video Games, and currently, he is the Chief Technology Officer for Quiet Logistics and AirTerra. And he is Mr. Charles Griffith. There is so much to talk about Charles as he has made outstanding contributions to the entire product and technology ecosystem in his 35+ years of experience, and because of his great work he is considered as an inspiration for many technologies.

Charles has helped companies like Amazon, IBM, First Data and various other venture backed organizations. In fact, At Amazon, Charles led transportation technology from the launch of Prime through their evolution into a global leader in logistics. Following Amazon, Charles founded MileZero, a last mile delivery platform, which was acquired in 2019.

Please listen to the episode where Charles talks about:

– The core technological strategies for building Amazon Global Logistics system which resulted as the core foundation of Amazon Prime worldwide.

– What are the Data Strategies companies should follow from industries which are larger producers of data such as Shipping, Logistics, and Cargo Industry

– Interesting leadership and entrepreneurial experience of Charles career journey

– Strategies and tips to hire the right tech talent for your company

– Importance of Technical and Soft skills in the world of technology careers

– How CTO role gets evolve over the time and what the are vital skills CTO should have at the current era of digitization

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