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How Cilio is Transforming Multi-Billion Dollar Field Service Management Industry by Leveraging Technology With Jeremy Olejenik, The Influential Tech Leader of Field Service Industry

Welcome to today’s episode of CTOsAtWork podcast series in this podcast series, we talk to Chief Technology Officers, Engineering Head, Product and Technology leaders from all around the world and learn from them, how they work, how they build & managed world-class technology and products, how they hire great talent and lots of great things. This episode is hosted by Love Chopra.

Today, we have a very special guest with us, Who has pioneered the online batch processing models to control data with military grade security which can measure and protect the integrity and access of data. – Who is the man behind the amazing technology of Cilio Platform and he is the Executive VP and Chief Architect of Cilio Technologies as well. – Who is none other than Mr. Jeremy Olejnik

Please listen to the episode where Jeremy talks about:

– The core technological and product strategies of Cilio Technologies for building widely scalable product for Field Service Management Service Industry

– What are the Development and Security best practices companies should follow in the current product development era 

– Interesting leadership and entrepreneurial experience of Jeremy’s career journey

– Strategies and tips to build market aware product

– Importance of Process and People and how to marry both with technologies to produce delightful customer experience 

– How CTO role gets evolve over the time and what the are vital skills CTO should have at the current era of digitization

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