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Framework To Excel As A Visionary Technology Leader with Andrew Weaver, CEO at CTOAcademy

Framework To Excel As A Visionary Technology Leader with Andrew Weaver, CEO at CTOAcademy


Welcome to today’s episode of CTOsAtWork podcast series in this podcast series, we talk to Chief Technology Officers, Engineering Head, Product and Technology leaders from all around the world and learn from them, how they work, how they build & managed world-class technology and products, how they hire great talent and lots of great things. This episode is hosted by Love Chopra.

In today’s podcast, we are glad to have Andrew Weaver. Andrew is the Co-founder and CEO of CTO Academy, CTO Academy is on a mission to arm every deserving technologiest with the leadership skills required to achieve the career impact they want, and the strategic competitive advantage that fast pace companies need in today’s era of innovation. Andrew has over 25+ years of executive-level experience with various size companies including enterprises, SME and early-stage companies across multiple sectors including law, tech, travel, leisure, and property. Andrew is expertise in strategy, sales, funding/finance, M&A, and growth mindset.


Please listen to the episode where Andrew talks about:

  • How to become a Visionary Technology Leader
  • Frameworks to achieve technical leadership excellence
  • Interesting stories of accidental CTOs from all over the world
  • Strategies and tips to hire the right talent for your company
  • Importance of Soft skills in the world of technology careers
  • How CTO role gets evolve starting from 10 member team to 1000 employee enterprise
  • How CTO Academy helps CTOs and corporate in fixing the core issues around the culture and processes
  • What should be most important area for CTO to focus on among Process, People and Technology
  • Interesting resources for CTOs

If you want to know more about Adrew or want to get directly connected with Andrew follow below links: https://cto.academy/


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