Head of Engineering

  • Podcast: Sergey Gerasimenko – VP Engineering At Brainly On Building Product & Engineering For Massive Scale

    In today’s podcast, I am very excited to introduce you to our guest who is from Finland and building technology for world’s largest social learning community, and he is  Sergey Gerasimenko. Sergey is currently playing his role as VP Engineering at Brainly.   Brainly is the world’s largest social learning community for  Middle School, High […]

  • Podcast: Kechit Goyal – Head of Engineering At UpGrad On How To Build Awesome Product, Engineering, Culture, Hiring & More

    In today’s podcast we have a very special guest Kechit Goyal. Kechit is heading engineering at UpGrad. He brought up in Ludhiana Punjab till High School. He moved to Kota for JEE Preparation. He won many awards and scholarships like NTSE, 15th Rank in Regional Maths Olympiad. Finally he got into IIT Delhi CS and […]